About LMC

The LMC Group offers a full suite of Boilermaker Career Placement.

We specialize in finding and placing the right employees and employers together. We offer over 20 years of experience, in our craft that is: hands on, sucessfull, and effective. We pride ourselves in placing the best employees with the best employers. Safety, Professionalism, and Sucess are our goals here at the LMC Group.

We are here with you every step of the way, we want you to be happy about job placement not stressed. We have esablished relationships with hundreds of employers locally and globaly and we are commited to finding the perfect fit for you.

We offer skills training and career development resources, all to assist in enhacing your career and to enstill confidence in future employees. We also offer resume assistance, interview preperation, and job coaching. LMC is a leader in staying up to date with work openings and workplace trends and cultures. We have long time partnerships that are in the local and global community and that has aided in establishing hundreds of employees & employers. 

The LMC Group is dedicated to the success of our employees/employers and to enhance productive growth in the welding/boilermaking trade. We work with you to plan and manage your outage with the primary goal of finishing the job safely, professionally and on time.

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